Alice West

Galerie Ron Mandos – Best of Graduates

Galerie Ron Mandos – Best of Graduates

Graduation Festival – My Itch Has a Soul

Graduation Festival – My Itch Has a Soul

Graduation Festival – My Itch Has a Soul

Graduation Festival – My Itch Has a Soul

Graduation Festival – My Itch Has a Soul

Graduation Festival – My Itch Has a Soul

Graduation Festival – My Itch has a Soul

AWRE Gallery – Here We Are Now


My paintings are not just representations of people, but windows into their inner lives. Through careful attention to detail and composition, I aim to create portraits that capture the essence of my subjects – their hopes, fears, joys, and struggles. But my work is not simply about documenting individual experiences. Rather, I see portraiture as a means of telling broader stories that speak to the complexity and beauty of the human experience, and that offer a sense of connection and understanding to those who view them.

In my work, I incorporate visual patterns to enhance the storytelling aspect of my paintings. These patterns add layers of meaning and symbolism, inviting the viewer to delve deeper into the narrative of each piece. I strive to incorporate these patterns into my work in ways that challenge and delight the viewer. 

At the heart of my art is a deep commitment to storytelling. Through my paintings, I hope to weave narratives that speak to the human experience and offer insights into the complexities of our shared journey.

Finally, I believe that humour has a crucial role to play in helping us confront the challenges of the human condition. Through the use of wit and irony, I seek to create images that invite laughter and playfulness, even as they explore the deeper truths of our existence.

In all of my work, I strive to create a space for dialogue and reflection. I want my paintings to spark conversations about the human experience – our struggles, our triumphs, our hopes, and our dreams. By weaving together elements of painting, portraiture, visual patterns, storytelling, mental health, and humour, I hope to create works that are both deeply personal and universally resonant.


Cinema as a Dream The Eye 2019

Bubble Gum The Hague 2019

Deep Fried Paintings KABK 2019

The  ‘Love’ Exhibition The National Theatre 2019

A Finger in Every Pie Jupiterkade 2 2020

Best Of Graduates Ron Mandos Gallery 2021

ART The Hague Ivo Bouwman Gallery at Fokker Terminal 2021

Reminiscent Exhibition Capital Culture House 2021

Here We Are Now #2 ARWE Gallery 2022

Art Rotterdam Barbara Seiler Gallery 2022


Metropolis M End Exams Catalogue 2021

Braids First Issue 2023


Most of the works seen on the website are available to purchase so please feel free to contact me about that or commissions!